Golfing Tips For Beginners

The aim of this site is to provide beginner
amateur golfers with enough information to
know the terms, etiquette and rules of golf.


Golfing Tips for Beginners

Our aim at 'Golfing Tips for Beginners' is to inform the beginner golfer about golfing rules, golf etiquette, scoring the game card and tips and advice on buying golfing equipment and improving your swing and game in general.

Golfing Tips for Beginners

Hello and welcome to our website entitled 'Golfing Tips for Beginners'!

It can be very unnerving for the novice who wants to learn how play golf, but who does't even know the terminology. After all, a large part of the enjoyment comes from analysing the game in the 19th hole, doesn't it?golfing tips for beginners

Some people are too embarrassed to ask when someone mentions a word or term that they do not understand, so we hope that we can help get you up too speed so that you can join in the fun back at the golfing club house.

Another problem for the novice golfer is the aquisition of suitable golfing equipment and 'the right' golfing apparel.

Golfing equipment is very expensive, as everyone knows, so bad purchases are costly mistakes. We will try to minimize the chances of you making such mistakes.

Many golfers soon become fanatical about golf. They talk, golf, play golf, watch golf on TV, follow golfing competitions, buy golfing videos and going on golfing holidays.

There are plenty of golfing holiday destinations all ver the world. In Europe, golfers like to go to Scotland or Portugal, although Wales is fast becoming a golfing destination as well.

America has many golfing holiday locations especially in the southern states like Arizona and Florida. In Asia, Thailand has several great golf courses.

So, we will try to keep you informed about the latest and the greatest golfing holiday destinations as well. What could be better than a fortnight in a beautiful location, especially abroad, playing golf to your heart's content.

I am no expert at golf by any stretch of the imagination, but I want to learn and that is the purpose of this website. As I learn, I will write it here so that other golfing novices can pick up good golfing tips free of charge.

If you have a particular golfing problem and you think that I can help, please ask me and I will do my best to find out for you and write an article or webpage on the subject.

I love to do research in order to find answers to questions, so you can be sure that any answer I come up with is to the best of my knowledge.

I really do hope that you find something of interest on our web site and that you will return every now and then to check up on any new articles or to pass on any suggestion you may have for this web site.

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by +Owen Jones