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Fashion and Ladies Golf Apparel

I was reading one of those 'Golfing for Women' magazines the other day and started wondering where the women are, who wear the golf apparel modeled in women's golf magazines? I've never seen women, professionals golfers included, who would dress in such expensive and flamboyant golf apparel.

Fashion and Ladies Golf Apparel

It is easy to spend lots of money kitting yourself out with fashionable golf apparel. What with hats, sunglasses, gloves, shirts, shorts, socks, windbreakers and shoes, the cost of fashionable golf apparel adds up very quickly, even if you do your shopping at the sales.

Then factor in the cost of clubs, balls, bag, cart and fees and you have to play very often to keep the "CPU" (cost per use) down to an acceptable or even reasonable level.

One half-page advert showed a beautiful young 'golfing lady' kitted out in the 'fashionable golf apparel' of really tiny hotpants (as if that is even admissible on golf courses!) that cost nearly $300, a golf shirt at almost $600, a jacket by Ralph Lauren at almost $200 and two-toned Utuser shoes costing $400 plus!

What a farce! Who on Earth do these peple think that they are kidding? The publishers treat us, the general golfing public like morons and I for one find it insulting and take it personally.

That comes to just about $1,500! I know that it would be impossible for me to get the CPU on that outfit down to anywhere near an acceptable level in the whole of my golfing life!

Please do not misunderstand me - I do love clothes and I do really, really love shoes, but I could never afford, nor even want, golf shoes or pants that cost as much as most people's weekly wages.

OK, you have to have comfortable golfing shoes that do not look like a pair of old wooden clogs, but honestly, you will be able to find less expensive and yet still trendy golfing shoes for well under $100.

I have bought a couple of really stylish golf apparel outfits, even though none of them are famous brand names. If I were to add up thegolf apparel cost of all of those articles of golfing apparel, it would not add up to the cost of a Tse golf shirt.

Personally, I would rather have several stylish outfits of golf apparel, than one that is priced way over-the-top. I just could not justify the expnse to myself even if I won $1,000,000 on the lottery

If I were to wear a $1,500 outfit of golf apparel, I would simply be too worried about getting my golf apparel dirty or perspiring in it to play, let alone enjoy, a decent round of golf.

by +Owen Jones